'Socially Speaking' Board Game Review

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
A previous counselor at my school purchased (but never used) Socially Speaking. When I was struggling to find truly engaging activities to do with a 3rd grade boys social skills group, I took a look at this game. I'm so glad I did! This game is a real win.

Players travel around the board collecting little colored washers to add to their pawn. Here are the types of squares players can land on: 

QUESTIONS: Ask another player a "who", "what", "when", "where", "why", "how", "which", or "what have you" question
SHOWING EMOTIONS: Say "I have peas for tea" while expressing a specified emotion
COMPLIMENT CORNER: Give another player a compliment
SELF EXPRESSION: Complete a sentence about yourself
HOME, SCHOOL, OUT AND ABOUT, or SOCIALLY SPEAKING: given a scenario on a card, show or tell how you wold respond

Here are some examples of these cards:

While in theory there is a 'winner' (the first person to collect all the colored rings), I've never had students respond to this game competitively. 

Skills Tackled:
-What to say and do in common social situations
-Complimenting others
-Asking questions
-Expressing emotion in your face and voice
***I also think this game would be wonderful for socially anxious/shy students.

The Good:
-Almost all cards are both developmentally appropriate and relatable.
-Every aspect of this game targets social skills.
-Very affordable
-Game activities match onto targeted skills (unlike some games)

The Bad:
-Takes a long time to finish the game (though students don't typically mind ending it before someone has officially won)
-Created in England so there are several words/phrases/spellings that are from across the pond
-There's no real aspect of "Why should do we these things?"

The Verdict:


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