Multiple Intelligences Lesson - Part 2

Friday, July 18, 2014
Part 2 of the Multiple Intelligences lesson is here! See Part 1 here.

-Review the 8 kinds of “smarts”. First asking students to list which ones they remember, then read the descriptions below and ask them to identify which smart they go with.

o   Enjoys solving difficult word problems, likes to work with numbers, likes to organize facts and information.
o   Enjoys reading for fun, likes to write stories or letters.
o   Can read maps and diagrams easily, likes to draw or paint.
o   Likes to care for the earth and nature, likes to be outside.
o   Likes to listen to music, good at singing or playing an instrument.
o   Likes to be alone, needs time to think over ideas, thinks about their own feelings.
o   Enjoys sports, dancing, or using their body to learn.
o   Gets along well with others, friendly and helpful, likes to meet new people.

-Give each student a copy of the smarts survey and explain how to take it.
     A note about the survey: I needed something that was black and white,  super simple and fast to administer, and  appropriate for below-grade level 4th graders. Nothing I found was perfect, so I used and create my own. Link at the bottom if you want to download/edit.

-Hand out the processing/scoring worksheet, show students the scoring key, and ask them to fill it out.

It took a lot of creativity (from myself included) to think of careers that used some of these combinations, but that made it all the more interesting.

This lesson was so much FUN! It was a lot different from the usual skills I teach my students and I really enjoyed getting to see them make connections to themselves and to the "real world". Some sticky points:
     *Self Smart is really hard to understand - even for adults
     *Some students were upset when they didn't score as "Body Smart". I had to do lots of explaining about how just because we love doing something and think we're good at it doesn't necessarily mean that's our "top" smart.
     *I had originally planned on having the kiddos all sign their name on a poster representing their top smart. Unfortunately, we ran out of time. This could have been a neat way of them gaining even more ownership of their "smart".

Want to use this as is or edit it for yourself? Here it is!

Smarts Survey


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