Social Support After Loss - Activity

Monday, July 28, 2014
One of my really mature 4th graders faced a lot of loss and turmoil during this past school year, the worst being the death of a grandparent. A large portion of her grief was due to feeling as if no one else could fill their role in terms of how they made her feel and the support they provided her.

The first thing we did was write up a list of all the ways this person supported her, as well as their personality traits that meant the most to her. Then we made a list of other people in her life that could provide her with these things.  This student likes anything crafty/artistic, so the last thing we did was match the characteristics of her grandparent to the people in her life that could fill some of this void.

She understood that no one could really take their place, but this activity helped her view the loss as less devastating.


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