Counseling Anchor Charts

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Anchor charts: a staple in every elementary classroom. Excellent resources for review and reminder. So why not use them in school counseling too?!

Especially when our Life Skills lessons are skills-based, we like to use anchor charts during our lessons. Now ours aren't the awesome hand-written/drawn kind that are created collaboratively with the students; mostly due to time constraints and partly due to size constraints (teachers don't have room on their walls for their own anchor charts and then all of mine if I used chart paper!). We usually pre-create them, bring them to the classrooms to use during the teaching or application portion of the lesson, and then offer to make/laminate copies (on colored cardstock) for teachers as they want them.

Some of the charts we've created and used (available in a bundle for free here and I'll add to this post when we make more):

Types of Conflict

Problem Size

Kelso's Choices

Talk it Out Sentence Stems


Compliment Sentence Stems

Best Effort Thermometer

Reflective Listening


THINK Before You Speak


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