Goal Setting with 4th Grade - Part 2 - What makes a GOOD goal?

Thursday, January 5, 2017
You can see part 1 of 4th grade's goal setting unit here.

Part 2 of my mini-unit on goal setting with a 4th grade classroom was on the three components of a "good goal". While I think SMART goals are great, that's too much for my 4th graders to handle, so we focus on the ideas that:
  • A good goal is realistic.
  • A good goal is specific.
  • A good goal has a plan.

We again used a PPT with some built in activities to go through the material


And here's an outline of the PPT:
-Review material from previous lesson.
-In a circle, students complete a ball toss activity. Students stand in a circle and give them the following guidelines:
            -Each person can only get the ball once.
            -You cannot toss the ball to someone right next to you.
            -I will be timing you.
-Continue through PPT. For specific:
-Have students work individually or as table groups to identify examples andnon-examples of 
specific goals.
-Ask a student volunteer to make a specific goal for their ball toss time (do not interfere with how realistic it is) and write it down.
-For realistic:
            -Repeat the above
-For has a plan:
            -Students sort action steps by which goal(s) they would help you achieve.

       -Make a plan for how to complete the ball toss quicker.
       -Repeat the ball toss activity (using their plan!) to see if they make their goal.


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